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    KERAMA MARAZZI is a leading manufacturer of ceramic decorative and finishing materials with a well-developed mono-brand retail network.

    The KERAMA MARAZZI assortment boasts more than 4,000 items. To date, this is a unique offer in terms of their range, compared with other manufacturers of ceramic tiles, porcelain grès, mosaics, and decorative elements. At the heart of the KERAMA MARAZZI philosophy is its commitment to improving the quality of life. The company strives to offer every customer a possibility to create an individualized, comfortable space regardless of their income. The gamut of formats and styles, the large color palette, the original design and various structures of ceramic finishing materials allow implementing a design project of any complexity.

    Porcelain grès is a unique product combining the power and energy of four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Throughout centuries, humankind has used this finishing material in construction and keeps on improving its production seeking a better quality and greater aesthetic appeal. KERAMA MARAZZI constantly moves forward, upgrading its production, and implementing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technologies, which each year allows creating and offering to customers unique items that make the company stand out from the other manufacturers. In 2017, the MAXI format of porcelain grès 120х240 cm manufactured at the state-of-the-art high-tech Continua+ line became a true sensation in the ceramic world. This product represented in several series realistically replicates the natural character and beauty of popular materials, such as marble, wood, and stone.

    Among KERAMA MARAZZI novelties of the year 2018 are the new formats of 80x80 cm for porcelain grès, including those with lappato surfaces. The lineup of MAXI formats was expanded further: it saw an addition of the new 80x160 cm format and items with exceptional aesthetic properties – the lappato MAXI carpets of 120x240 cm. An important role in production belongs to the cutting-edge technologies implemented with utilization of modern Italian equipment – Dry Digital Decoration (DDD) and Evodryfix, improving the appearance and performance properties of porcelain grès.

    Additionally, the 2018 collection has new formats making it possible to diversify tile installation - ceramic wood 10x60 and 20x160 cm and mosaics 5x5, including structured mosaics. There are 23 modern colors of mosaics, which allows using them as accentuating materials together with any other series.

    Developing and expanding its retail chain, the company strives to create the most comfortable and efficient conditions for its clients and partners, help them get to know KERAMA MARAZZI products better, learn how to use them, get new ideas, and make a choice that measures up to their dream.